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Body Twister for Body Shape

Body Twister help you in transforming your body into an attractive shape and figure by eliminating excess fat, flabby muscles,increases chest & gains energy. Based on Acupressure Pyramid & Magnetic treatment therapy
Body Twister & Slimmer

Rating: 5/5
Sales price: $35.00


Body twister and slimmer  is based on Acupressure & Magnetic  therapy. Body Twister helps in transforming the body into an attractive shape  by eliminating excess fat, flabby muscles, increases chest & gains energy. The pyramidal points on the twister activates the nerve endings under the foot that corrosponds to each and every oragans in body. It is very convenient to use and is durable and unbreakable.  


  • The body twister and excerciser reduces headache
  • It helps to relive from mount up tensions. 
  • The body twister eliminates gastric and  acidity problems through its regular use as the stomach area is constanly getting good exercise and massage effect.
  • Body twister helps to cure backache problems since your spine is becoming more stronger as your body weight reduces and unwanted fat is getting eliminated from stomach area.
  • Body twister and slimmer helps in sciatica, knee pain & leg pain.
  • Body twister helps in stimulating the pressure points on the sole and helps in circulation of blood.
  • It is rough & tuff in use, it is made up of high quality plastic, with attached double ball bearing disc & it is unbreakable.

How to use this product:

  • Step on the body twister, each leg should be on the magnetic black  strip.
  • Rotate your body to and fro keeping the upper body almost in the same position.
  • If you need support, hold some where. After sometime of practise, you will be able to use it with out any support.
  • Enjoy the movement

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Sunday, 06 November 2011 Rating: 5
Proved benefcial to hundreds of people as this product is very unique and work perfectly with body dynamism and structure.